Safety & Security


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Safety & Security

Ministry Opportunities with Preschoolers, Children, Students, and Special Needs
We live in an age where abuse of children and other vulnerable members of our society is a reality. The church must deal with this issue as a "good shepherd" by taking steps to protect our children, teenagers (students) and individuals with special needs. Aversboro Road Baptist Church has implemented policies to safeguard our children, students and special needs while promoting a positive, nurturing environment for ministry to them. We pray for God's blessings and protection for these persons, parents and for those who work to minister to them through the ministries of our church.

Protecting our Preschoolers, Children, Students, Special Needs

The greatest priority of Aversboro Road Baptist Church children's, students and special needs programs is to minister through the Gospel and ministry of Jesus Christ. As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we must strive to be worthy of a very high standard of trust. It is obvious that any sexual exploitation, abuse, or endangerment directly contradicts this priority and the values of Aversboro Road Baptist Church. For this reason, every worker at Aversboro Road Baptist Church must avoid even the appearance of inappropriate behavior. All workers must diligently avoid any conduct that appears wrong to a reasonable observer, even if no actual misconduct takes place. Employees, parents, volunteers and workers in children, student and special needs ministries are expected to observe established policies and guidelines, as well as other Christian standards of moral behavior found in the Scriptures and adopted by the church membership.

Volunteer Process

  1. Contact our Pastoral staff to discuss how their experience, gifts, abilities, and interests can best match the needs of our ministries.
    Contact Us.
  2. Any individual who feels led to work within our ministries with Preschoolers, Children, Students, or Special Needs must become familiar with the established Protection Policies. Click the link below to download a copy of the protection policy.
    Protection Policy
    Kids Ministry Volunteer Handbook/Protection Policy & Procedures
  3. Once you have discussed with one of our Pastoral team, please complete an application must be submitted online using the following link.
    Ministry Application (Background Screening)
  4. Our Pastor team will be in touch with you about how you can use your gifts to serve here at Aversboro.

Please direct any question you have to one of our ministers, they will be happy to help you explore how God wants to see you involved!