2018 Service Ministry Survey

We are glad that you have chosen to serve God through your membership at Aversboro Road Baptist Church.   There are a number of opportunities for you to serve.  Please take a moment to complete this survey about your interests and the areas in which you are willing to serve. The Nominating Committee would like to connect your interests, talents and gifts with a service area and will be in touch soon.

Opportunities are described below.  Follow this LInk to complete a Survey Form.



Auditing – Plan for and oversee the auditing of the church’s financial records.

Baptismal – Assist the Pastors in preparing for and conducting the Baptismal service.

Benevolence – Evaluate requests for assistance and authorize the disbursement of monies accordingly.

Bereavement – Provide a meal for families suffering the loss of a loved one.

Budget & Finance – Prepare & oversee an annual budget, making regular reports to the church.

Building & Grounds – Maintain and repair of real property of the church.  Manage related contracts.

Community Relations – Develop an organizational identity in the immediate community around the church.

Deacon Nominating – Nominate potential deacons to the church, keeping the active list at a prescribed level.

Endowment – Develop endowments for the church and encourage giving by the membership to these endowments.

Extended Session Committee – Enlist and train volunteers to care for preschoolers during the 11:00 morning service.

Flower – See that the altar has flowers when necessary and coordinate the use of gift flowers.

Furnishings & Equipment – Maintain an up-to-date inventory and replace broken or defective equipment.

The Growing Place – Oversee the work and program of The Growing Place

Hanging of the Green – Plan and carry out the decorating of the church for the Christmas season.

Insurance – Maintain adequate insurance coverage for the buildings, equipment, vehicles and liability.

Kitchen – Monitor the use, sanitary condition, and supplies of the kitchen.

Long Range Planning – Develop and present a rolling 5 year plan for the advancement of the church.

Lord’s Supper – Set up for, clean up after and care for the equipment and linens used in this observance.

Membership – Assist people in joining the church and provide new members with information about the church.

Memorial Gifts – Keep track of needs that can be memorialized.

Mission Coordination – Communicate/coordinate mission activities/plans for the overall church.

Nominating – Enlist officers, directors, council members, and committee members.

Nursery – Oversee the provision of child care workers for all preschool needs.

Personnel – Oversee all issues related to the employed personnel of the church, except for the senior pastor.

Policy & Procedures – Maintain an up-to-date Policy & Procedures Manual adopted by the church.  Produce new policies when requested.

Prayer – Develop and grow a prayer ministry in the church

Recreation – Administer a church sponsored recreation


Safety – To be on the lookout and keep the safety of ARBC up to date to the required national standards.

Scholarship – Provide scholarship monies for a deserving student at ARBC.

Sound & Light – Support the services of the church with sound and lighting equipment.

Stewardship – Promote and encourage stewardship by the membership.

Tape Ministry – Provide CD’s of the worship services to anyone requesting, especially shut-ins.

Technology & Equipment – Maintain and advise the church on information technology infrastructure needs.

Tellers – Count weekly receipts and deposit in the bank’s nightly drop box.

Transportation – Care for and maintain church vehicles and use policies.

Ushers – Greet and seat worship attendees and to take up the offerings.

Wedding – Coordinate weddings conducted in our church and oversee the use of our facilities by a wedding party.

Welcome – Greet and welcome members and guests attending services at our church.



Baptist Men – Provide mission opportunities for the congregation and develop relationships between males of the church.

Deacons – Servants of the church giving council to the pastorss regarding the spiritual development of the congregation.

Extended Session Ministry – Being an adult volunteer for preschool child care.

Health Ministry – Develop ways to meet emergency medical needs of the congregation while in the building.

Helping Hands Ministry - Assistance ministry focusing on senior adults (55+)who need assistance with small jobs around the home.

Library – Maintain and operate the church media library.

Secret Sisters – Promotes fellowship that allows ladies of the      church an opportunity grow spiritually with positive encouragement and prayers from other ladies of the church. 

Senior Adult Ministry – Provide a balanced program of social, service, and spiritual Growth.

Special Needs Ministry – Develop activities and programs for persons with special needs and their care givers.

Student Ministry – Assist the church in fulfilling the mission statement of the Student Ministry.

Sunday School Teachers – Give overall leadership to a small group, guiding them in Bible study and spiritual growth.

Women’s Ministry – Give oversight and direction, working closely with Discipleship, Communications, Relationships and the WMU Directors.

WMU – Women’s Missionary Union prepares and equip Christian believers to be involved in the Great Commission.

RA’s & GA’s – Serve as a leaderr for a group of elementary aged boys or girls.

Worship Kidstyle – Serve on designated Sunday mornings assisting with the children’s worship, grades 1 through 5, teaching and mentoring.


Missions and Community Outreach Ministry Team – Implements the missions and community outreach goals of the Gods Vision Our Mission report by considering and authorizing funding for ministries and missions by church members.