Church Policy and Procedures Manual

Every effort is made to keep the online version of this manual up to date. However, the orginal copy on file in the church office will always supercede what you find here should any difference exist. 


The purpose of this Policies and Procedures Manual is to define the administrative policies, procedures and guidelines and to provide the function of each position and organization of Aversboro Road Baptist Church in one publication.

Contained in the manual are the Church Charter, Constitution, By-Laws, Organizational Charts, staff position descriptions, position descriptions for officers and directors, functional descriptions for councils and committees, and contract labor services.  Organizational charts and functional descriptions of councils and committees included herein should be interpreted as indicative of coordination, communication, collaboration, and cooperation among church volunteers, staff and Diaconate.  Functional descriptions of councils and committees are consistently designed to show purpose, membership, relationships and duties.  As church positions and organizations change, the Policy, Procedure and Bylaws Committee will insure those changes are included in revisions to the Manual.

Changes to the manual may be made at any time by the pertinent position, council, or committee by request to the Policy, Procedure and Bylaws Committee.  This committee plans for the manual to be dynamic in that the manual will be examined periodically and at least annually for additions, deletions, and changes .  The manual, except for the church charter and labor service contracts, is contained in the church office Information System Files and excerpts therefrom may be obtained by request to the church office.

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