Statement of Faith

I believe in one God who expresses himself to humanity in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe Jesus is the Son of God and was born of a virgin and is the only means of eternal salvation provided to humanity by God. Christ suffered and died on a cross, was placed dead in a tomb, and on the third day was raised from death to life by God the Father to overcome the sin that corrupted the world. All who confess with their mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead shall be saved. Jesus ascended to the Father and sent the Holy Spirit to live and dwell among his followers. One day every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. I believe the Bible is God’s Word and is to be the guide by which His followers live their lives. I believe Jesus will come again and take his bride(the church) to spend eternity with the Father in heaven. I believe in hell; a place of eternal separation from God. —Prospective Lead Pastor

Letter from the Lead Pastor Search Committee

Dear Church Family,
The candidate we bring has been a resident of eastern North Carolina all 41 years of his life. Being raised on a farm, he knows the value of hard work.  He began his career in the corporate world before he felt the calling of God to become a minister in 2001.  
He and his wife were married in 1998 and have one daughter, age 11 and one son, age 8.  He accepted Christ around 10 years of age and grew up in the church. He has served as both a Youth minister for 7 years and as a Senior Pastor for approximately 10 years. His references have stated that he is more mature than his birthdate and that this candidate is a man of God who is a consistent student of the Word. He is relational and intentional with others in discipleship. He is authentic in his faith and his preaching is Biblically oriented. He desires to work as a team with pastoral staff and membership and wants to empower others to use their gifts and talents to serve the kingdom. He would consider himself as a “sensitive shepherd who enjoys being in the pasture with the sheep,” meeting people where they are in life. 
We are extremely excited to be bringing this candidate for the position of Lead Pastor here at Aversboro. Our committee is made up of men and women of various ages that are involved in almost every area of our church. This process has taken just over 14 months and we are confident that we have taken the time to seek the Lord throughout this whole process. We are thrilled for you to get to know him on a personal level, just as we have! We look forward to how the Lord is going to use this man to equip and empower Aversboro to do great things here in Garner, North Carolina, and around the world.

The Lead Pastor Search Committee
Kimberly Davis, Marshall Matthews, Rachel Hardin,
Brad Alford,Bobbie Buffaloe, Buck Kennedy,
Maria Mahoney, Ally Mitchell, Jim Reynolds,
 Stacey Thomas, Kelli White


Upcoming Schedule

Sunday March 17th 
8:00am- Question and Answer Session
with Prospective Lead Pastor      Lite Breakfast provided
9:30am- Preaching in view of a call
11:00am- Preaching in view of a call
Called Church Conference to vote at end of each service. 


Prospective Lead Pastor Background


Prayer Focus

Pray for the Holy Spirit to unite and strengthen every heart in each meeting. Ephesians 6:10-19 
Remember the candidate and his family as they pray through all the details concerning a potential move. Psalm 16:7-8
Pray for unity, peace, and abounding love as our church family welcomes our candidate and his family. Ephesians 4:1-6
Pray the power of Christ would be known in and through our church and that all glory would be given to Him as we look forward to entering a new chapter of ministry. Ephesians 3:20-21

Video Introduction to Lead Pastor Candidate


Listen to a Sermon from the Lead Pastor Candidate