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myWSB (my WORDsearch® Bible) is a free web app created to help you read and study the Bible online wherever you go. Anywhere you have an Internet connection, visit myWSB, and you can access Bibles, commentaries, study Bibles, reference works, and more online. Once you've added a book to your library, not only is it available on, but it will sync to the WORDsearch® mobile apps. Save your work in either of these places, and you'll be able to access it no matter what device you happen to be using.  Research for personal Bible study, preparation to teach a small group, seminary homework, sermon creation, and more are made easier with the free online study tool!

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With the desktop version, you can sychonize and have access to ios and others online!

Our Senior Pastor and Minister to Students use both desktop and online versions!

YouVersion is a free Bible App for your phone, tablet and computer.  YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that Brings Go'd Word into your daily life!   With YouVersion, you will have God's Word at your finger tips everywhere! Our staff uses YourVersion!