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Sunday School Small Groups for All Ages

The Sunday School small groups are on-going groups that are generally organized around age, family situation, or stages in life or a combination of all three.  Small groups are a great way to build relationships and walk through life with a group of believers just like you. These groups meet on Sunday Mornings and nights throughout the week.  Generally a LifeWay curriculum is used to guide the study topics.  Curriculum is provided by the church for these groups. We would love for you to join us for Small Group Bible Study this week. 

The Bible is God's word, and He's transforming lives with it every day.  The LifeWay Bible study resources we use are designed specifically to help connect people of any life-stage to a life-changing experience with God's word, and to offer  a strategy for life-long spiritual transformation.  From birth to senior adults, our Bible study groups offer an opportunity for every member of your family to be engaged in Bible study with others in their age group. 


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